Engine & vehicle diagnostics

All modern cars today are fitted with computers that control and monitor many functions of the vehicle. From serious engine faults to electrical failures such as airbags, traction control, ABS, ESP or even your bulb circuits, these are all monitored by your car’s onboard computer. The team at Palmers Garage will charge a flat rate of £30 for an engine diagnostics with a full report and explanation of the probable reasons. Where possible, we will investigate further to help pinpoint the issue.

Don’t ignore warning lights!

When you see a warning light on your dashboard it is because your car’s computer has detected a component or system malfunction and created an error code. Using our diagnostic equipment, we can read and translate these codes and which aids us in finding exactly where the problem is.

Solve early – save money

By identifying the problem early, we can rectify the fault possibly preventing more serious damage and expense. We diagnose faults quickly and accurately, saving time and money. No booking is required and can be done whilst you wait, though we do ask for you to call us beforehand to make sure we have a technician available.

Need us to pick up your vehicle?

If you need us to pick up your vehicle, no problems. We are able to do a collect and return service within a 10-mile driving radius of the garage at no extra cost.

My car is not drivable, can you still collect? Simple answer is yes, from anywhere in the UK, we are able to collect your vehicle though there is is a charge for this service. Give the team a call to ask about a quote.

Book in today

The Palmers Garage team are here, ready to help. Be it a question about a strange noise from your car or to book a MOT and Service, we will give you the same level of customer service that all our customers appreciate.