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Vehicle users of all Transit/Transit Custom, Van and Tourneo that were fitted with 2.0L EcoBlue engines may be affected by premature wear / delamination of the timing belt. If the engine oil in the vehicle has been subject to high levels of oil dilution and degradation it may have reduced the service life of the timing belt. A vehicle with a timing belt that has a reduced service life could suffer a timing belt failure before the recommended service interval.
Therefore, to address issues with timing belt service life, caused by engine oil dilution /vehicle operation conditions / usage, Ford Motor Company UK have reduced the recommended service interval for timing belt, tensioner and idlers to 6 years or 100,000 miles.
Here at Palmers Garage, we will replace your cambelt, tensioner, idlers, and engine oil and filter (with genuine Ford parts), in addition to this we also replace the oil pump drive wet belt as we consider this an essential part of the drive system.
Our Offer Price
FWD (front wheel drive) –  £1075.00  
RWD (rear wheel drive) – £1275.00

Book in your van today to take advantage of our long term offer.

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